Aris & Maria in Greece

Aris & Maria in Greece

A pre-wedding photoshoot with Aris & Maria in Greece, just two months before their wedding. The shoot was in Kopraina in northwest Greece, an old port area. Beautiful light and a few glasses of wine made for a perfect session!

Real Romantic Proposal by the River in Central Greece

Romantic proposal sessions are becoming more and more popular amongst the lovers.

One such styled romantic proposal we also featured as one of the trends in our Summer2019 issue of Ellwed magazine. And why not capture that special moment in your life when you two decided to tie the knot?!

To be madly in love is one of the greatest feelings in your life. And when you instantly know that person will be your spouse one day, you will do everything to make this happen! And so did this groom-to-be Stratos who knew instantly that Kiki will be his wife one day. With their photographer Paschalina, they prepared this romantically wild setup for their romantic proposal or engagement session. And now, let's see their story!